An active twitter following is difficult to build and maintain, but an active follower base of real users can also be enormously valuable. The key to building and maintaining a great group of followers is automation with a great twitter bot.

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Here are 5 things a twitter bot can do to help you get more and better followers.

Automatically follow and follow back

Also known as “autofollow” bots, bots are allowed to follow other accounts based on certain criteria. Criteria include those who are tweeting about a hashtag or topic, use certain keywords, or are members of a list. If they are carefully designed and targeted, autofollow bots can be extremely effective at growing an audience.

When you get a new follower, it can really cement the relationship if you follow them back. Unfortunately, the twitter follower view makes it a bit difficult to track down which of your followers you need to follow back. Bots can easily maintain and search lists of followers and follows and match them up automatically for you.

Reply to new followers with direct messages or public posts

When a new person follows you, it is polite to say thank you. But if you have a large following, it can be very difficult to remember who you’ve thanked and who you haven’t. You can get rid of the guesswork by having a bot handle the messages for you. Most services allow you to customize the message you send as well, so you could do a bit of marketing while saying thank you.

We offer a mix of human and bot services. We will help you design and implement your targeted growth strategy and configure everything for you. Contact us for a free consultation:
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Tweet regularly

Twitter has a scheduled tweet process, but it tends to be kind of complex and is a part of the Twitter ads platform. If you need all that complexity, it can be great. If you just need to write 30 extra tweets and have them go out once a day, though, it can be cumbersome. With a twitter bot service, you can usually provide a spreadsheet of tweets and a schedule for posting them, and your account is instantly more interesting for your followers.

Improve your audience

Figuring out which followers you want and which you don’t can be difficult when doing it by hand. Briefly, you want followers who: - Have a good number of followers themselves - Are active users - Are real people - Are likely to follow you back - Are within your target audience

All of those things take time for you to figure out, but they can be reviewed quickly by a bot. By unfollowing people who are outside your target audience and following people who are in your target audience, you can improve the people you’re talking to.

Manage your ratio

Twitter has a cap on the number of people you can follow. For most users, that cap is 5,000 people. The way you can get higher than that cap is to get more followers. If you have 5,000 followers or more, the limit on the number you can follow goes up. The exact algorithm for this isn’t officially published, but practical experimentation shows it is approximately your number of followers plus 10%. So, if you have 5,000 followers, you can follow up to 5,500 people. With a twitter bot, as you approach or hit the 5,000 person cap, a twitter bot can help you unfollow people who aren’t adding much to your audience, or simply unfollow a specific number of people to free up space.


If you’re building your twitter following to become an influencer or build your brand, a twitter bot can help by automating a number of different tasks. Over time, a well built bot can build a larger, more engaged audience.

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